Attorney Support Services

In addition to the great human resource services our clients have come to expect, AHDory also offers an excellent support solution for attorneys involved in workplace and employer litigation and for employer related client services. With our unique depth of experience, we are an ideal solution to assist attorneys in the handling of their client’s employer related matters.

The blend of human resources experience, familiarity with business processes involving legal compliance and an objective relationship with owners, managers and employees, places us in a unique position to support certain activities that may interfere with the attorney-client privilege or that are too labor intensive or too expensive for the law firm to perform.

Litigation Support

Attorneys engaged in litigation involving workplace issues, employer/employee matters or hiring and discrimination disputes can rely on AHDory for assistance with discovery, on-site background research and workplace investigations.

Our litigation support includes:

  • Workplace interviews and investigations
  • Assessment of human resource practices
  • Employment records review
  • Workplace safety review

Support for Employer Related Client Matters


Attorneys often become aware of workplace and employment issues faced by their clients. Often, neither the law firm nor the attorney are best suited to address those issues, whether because of expense, propriety, expertise or independence.  If you are faced with such a situation, AHDory is a great solution for both the firm and its client. 

The support we offer includes:

  • Remedial counseling for owners and managers
  • HR Best Practices implementation
  • Workplace investigations
  • Manager and employee training and development on a variety of topics
  • Employee mediation
  • Compliance audit

Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about the support services we can provide to attorneys and law firms. We'd love to help.

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