I would recommend working with AH Dory for companies that need the additional expertise provided by talented and experienced human resource professionals.
— Barbie Chandler, Director of Operations, Unisource National Lender Services

Regional California Bank 

300+ Employees. The client had a salary structure that had been in place since 2010. Since that time, the bank had grown organically and through acquisitions. The project included:

  • Review and analysis of existing salary structure.
  • Age existing 2010 salary data to current data.
  • Establish salary differential for each metro area where the bank operates.
  • Benchmark positions to current market data.
  • Deliver a final updated salary structure.

Northern Virginia Medical Practice

The partners of this mid-sized medical practice had become adversarial to the point that is was impacting operations. Our assignment was to:

  • Conduct remedial coaching for the principals consisting of a series of one-on-one sessions to address the divisions among the partners and to establish a strategy for moving forward.
  • Meet with physicians to improve and correct behaviors that were negatively impacting performance, staff and co-workers.
  • Mediate disputes between the partners to reach agreement regarding conduct and establish methods for resolving future disputes.

Washington DC Home Care Company

This 400 employee home care company was experiencing a breakdown in communication within its manager ranks. This was resulting in a decline in performance and had a negative impact on subordinates and co-workers. Our assignment included:

  • Weekly confidential meetings with identified managers to assist them in understanding their behavior and its impact on others.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with ownership to provide them with our analysis of the workplace and the success of the weekly manager’s meetings.

Aircraft Parts Manufacturer

50+ employees. AHDory functioned as the human resources department with a part-time, on-site consultant. Duties required a bilingual consultant to:

• Manage employee relations
• Interface with management on work issues
• Recruit and train plant personnel

Real Estate Investment and Lending Company

20 employees. For over six years, AH Dory has acted as the part-time in house human resources department for this fast growing start up. Our responsibilities have included:

• Recruiting - we have staffed 75% of the company
• Guiding leadership on strategic human resources plan
• Creating and managing a change management plan
• Compensation planning
• Organizational development

Medical Office

27 employees.  For this long established medical office, AH Dory helped to modernize and update employee relations and human resource procedures. Our services included:

• Redefining all positions
• Establishing productivity measurements
• Implementong guidelines to increase efficiency
• Organizational development

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